Beauty & the Beast  8x10
Beauty & the Beast  8x10
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Beauty & the Beast 8x10

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The idea for this painting came to me when I saw an attractive women routinely destroying herself with bad food & lifestyle choices. The beast in this image is the women in red as she is daytime drinking, smoking and eating food that isn't the healthiest of options. Altogether she is the beast and the beauty comes in from the small business owner running his food cart and just having another day at the job. I am inspired to find beauty and beasts in all my daily experiences.

Printed with archival inks on acid free polarized paper this print will surely last the test of time !


This 8x10 Giclee print has some white border left on the paper for matting and framing purposes in order to work universally with any 8x10 frame. The print itself is 8x10 inches. This is shipped flat and not rolled to prevent any bends.

All artwork is created by Pablo.

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